~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hugh Chen~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bio: 2nd year MS student studying statistics at University of Washington. Graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Computer Science.

Currently doing research as a part of Professor Su-In Lee's Lab.

Contact: hugh.chen1(at)gmail.com

Projects (Research)


Hugh Chen, Yusuf B. Erol, Eric Shen, Stuart Russell, "Probabilistic Model-Based Approach for Heart Beat Detection", Physiological Measurement, Vol. 37, No. 9, August 2016. Paper. Code.

Projects (Misc)


Hugh Chen, "Implementation of Nonparametric Methods", May 2017. Tutorial that implements neural networks and KNN from scratch. Additionally implements gradient boosting trees using only sklearn's decision trees. Writeup.

Hugh Chen, "Li and Stephens Model Paper Summary", May 2017. Discussion of the Li and Stephens model, which has applications in many parts of genetics (haplotype phasing, linkage disequilibrium, recombination rates, etc.). Writeup.

Hugh Chen, Tianqi Zhang, Yao Xiao, "Influential Factors for Gross Profit in Film", March 2017. Analyzes rotten tomato and imdb data. Exercise in web scraping, dealing with genre factors, censored data, and linear regression. Poster. Code.


Hugh Chen, Yiwen Song, "MAX-SAT Algorithms Survey", May 2016. Brief discussion of a few MAX-SAT algorithms. Overall, a fun exploration of approaches for an NP-Hard problem. Writeup. Code.

Hugh Chen. "Recursive Trees", Spring 2016. Uses recursion, linear algebra, probability, and trigonometry just to draw trees. Writeup. Code.

Stochastic tree.

Hugh Chen. "Computer Graphics Project", Spring 2016. Covers rasterization, texture mapping, geometry for meshes, shading, ray tracing, illumination, and cameras (ray tracing and autofocus). Writeup.

2015 (and earlier)

Hugh Chen. "Graduation", May 2012. Short film I made in High School. Video.

Some of my favorite classes I've taken

CS61AS - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

CS70 - Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

CS174 - Combinatorics and Discrete Probability

CS162 - Operating Systems and Systems Programming

CS168 - Internet Architecture

CS184 - Computer Graphics and Imaging

CS189 - Introduction to Machine Learning

CS270 - Graduate Algorithms

Some of my favorite artists in no particular order

Vulfpeck (Whose website design inspired this one)

Darwin Deez


Harrison Fjord