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2nd year M.S. student studying Statistics at University of Washington. Graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.

Currently doing research related to Computational Health/Biology as a part of Professor Su-In Lee's Lab. I'm interested in machine learning as well as probabilistic modelling for high-impact societal applications.

Curriculum Vitae: Link.

Hobbies: I used to breakdance and hope to get back into it. I like video games, reading, and love listening to music.

Contact: hugh.chen1(at)gmail.com

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Gabriel Erion, Hugh Chen, Scott Lundberg and Su-In Lee,"Anesthesiologist-level forecasting of hypoxemia with only SpO2 data using deep learning", Workshop paper. NIPS ML4H.

Hugh Chen, Scott Lundberg, Su-In Lee,"Hybrid Gradient Boosting Trees and Neural Networks for Forecasting Operating Room Data", Workshop paper. NIPS ML4H.

Hugh Chen, Scott Lundberg, Su-In Lee. "Checkpoint Ensembles: Ensemble Methods from a Single Training Process". Under Preparation. Paper.


Hugh Chen, Yusuf B. Erol, Eric Shen, Stuart Russell, "Probabilistic Model-Based Approach for Heart Beat Detection", Physiological Measurement, Vol. 37, No. 9, August 2016. Paper. Code.

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Travel Award (NIPS Machine Learning for Health Workshop)

High Distinction in General Scholarship at Graduation (University of California, Berkeley)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Honors Program (University of California, Berkeley)

Member (former publicity officer, vice president, and president) of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Computer Science Honors Society (University of California, Berkeley)

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